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TV instead of a Monitor?
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TV instead of a Monitor?
What's the take on using a regular 1080p TV (or slightly higher, with HDMI input) as the primary device for racing? Is this 'input lag' on TVs, that I've read about, cause for concern when it comes to using the G27 for LFS, AC etc.?

My current laptop died on me and am trying to figure out my options on a very tight budget. Can I go the TV route (with a LFS-friendly PC setup) without much fuss?

As you noted, TVs tend to have higher lag, both in terms of response time and input lag. However, monitors can vary in terms of lag too. If you're not at a competitive level, it's probably not a big deal.

Check out They do really good lag analysis on monitors, among other monitor performance metrics.
It depends on each screen. There are TVs with less input lag than some monitors out there.

You want to use PC/Game mode, and tinker a bunch with the settings of the image, and as Forbin points (I actually bough my monitor based on a review on that site), use a TV that is actually good in that use case.
The "600 Hz 8K 3D holo-vision" marketing stuff goes away as soon as PC mode is engagded, so you really only care about its performance on this very mode, you can mostly ignore any other part of the review as you won't be using that (TV speakers, for instance, should also be not used).

I'm using a TV as my main display, and a monitor as secondary. The day I was deciding this, I cloned the displays and did not notice the mouse pointer lagging behind the monitor (IPS 60 hz). So no remorse on this regard.

TV has worse colours for sure, but pixel quality is the same (I can't say this about some cheap TVs I hooked when my previous monitor died).
Cheers guys, appreciate your input! Thumbs up

TV instead of a Monitor?
(4 posts, started )