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AU1 University Carpark V5 Layout
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AU1 University Carpark V5 Layout
Over last few weeks, have been making some more layouts, especially for AU1.

A lot of them have been iterations of one of my layouts, and the one I like best, V5, I've put on my Sin'rs server.

I've set some times, all of which are at least half second off my theoretical best, if only I could get all my best sectors on same lap.

Made a quick video, which I've loaded onto YouTube

Be aware that speeding in pits will be caught by speed camera, and a fine will be given! Proof at end of video.
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University Carpark _ V5 layout and some times.png
Now that the layout is up and running, I've recorded times and drift points for each car, and there are also a further 24 recorded times and points.

I've got all fastest laps for each car type - mainly because, so far, most people have been using the layout to drift. We'll see how long these best times last!

The Potential best lap times are got by adding all best sectors in all the laps done. I don't tend to get all 4 fastest sectors in same lap, which is why discrepancy between them and my best (actual) lap times.

For a bit of fun, I've also added a 'Drift Ratio' score / performance scale, which appears when a lap is completed. This appears at top of screen where rear view mirror is sited.

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AU1_Uni 20 Car Best Times and Drift Points 10 Jun 2020.png
Sample Drift Ratio score.png
Now just over 71 recorded laps, and my top times are starting to be beat Frown

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AU1_Uni 20 Car Best Times 30 Jun 2020.png

AU1 University Carpark V5 Layout
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