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Supercars All Stars Eseries
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Supercars All Stars Eseries
The Supercars series, like many others is running an Eseries using iRacing, details on their Farcebook page here.
If you want to catch up with the earlier races this Youtube site is hosting all the earlier races.
#3 - Racon
Cheers racer... I've been missing supercars something wicked since it left UK TV, and I hadn't noticed they're doing this. Thumbs up
That clip sum's up the first racing, a large number of non sim racers.
I'm watching it live on their facebook page as they stopped the twitch stream after the first days racing, probably to do with sponsors and advertising.
The Supercars Youtube Channel has just started putting up the races, only 4 weeks after the series started.
Qualifying has been on Foxtel 506 but that's a challenge for those not in Australia.
Slightly off the Supercars topic but Kiwi Scott McLaughlin has not only won the Indy 500 but also won the Indycar iRacing championship, mind you, unofficially as they decided not to officially count the points because 'Merica', and being beaten by a Kiwi who has yet to join the championship would hurt their ego's....
The Indy 500 race.
As a bit of fun going into this weeks races at Circuit of the Americas and Sebring I thought you may enjoy watching Scotty driving a Supercar the same way he does in the Supercars eSeries, and in winning the iRacing Indy 500, and (unofficially) winning the iRacing Indy series. Na-na

Unlike 'Merica we here Down-Under actually count points and have a leaderboard.

Enjoy Wednesdays races, Live link, Recorded link.


The classic Scotty interview. Omg omg omg

Supercars All Stars Eseries
(8 posts, started )