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Xbox 360 wireless speed wheel on pc
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Xbox 360 wireless speed wheel on pc
Hello, i'm days trying to make my Xbox Speed Wheel work on my pc but it doesn't connect with the xbox wireless receiver, I tried everything but it didn't work. I came to the conclusion that I probably need separate drivers for the wheel that are different from normal xbox controls, but I can't find them anywhere. Please if anyone knows what it can be and how to find the driver I would be very grateful.
Hello and welcome! To clarify, have you used it before to connect the Xbox wheel to the PC or is this the first time? Does it work on the Xbox itself? Does it switch on? Some troubleshooting tips here...

Do you have a receiver like this?

As per this Reddit post it should be simple plug and play (for it to be recognized, at least), although it might be for a different O/S with older drivers...

Are you on Windows 10? As per one post on this thread, a user complains that the wheel is not compatible...

Hope someone would be able to help...
Thank you for the tips.
I bought the xbox 360 RF module separately (cheaper way than buying original "money$oft" adapter). So I made my own adapter and that's why I didn't had the drivers. But I found a way to get them, it's not so simple but works!
I replaced my xbox RF module for the module that I made and them I turned on my xbox and connected my xbox wireless wheel to it. After this I removed the module and connected it to my pc (By a USB cable that I weld to it) and It worked with all my xbox controls including the wireless wheel.
-My pc has windows 10
-The RF module I used is like this
-The wireless wheel always worked on my xbox (I used it to play Forza). But now its confirmed it works on pc too.
- Yes, its switch on
I'm not too sure if the required drivers are in the adapter or the wheel itself, to be honest. I assumed that it would be in the wheel.

The Windows 10 OS might be the issue, as per what I came across online is that Windows 10 does not support this particular wheel anymore. And people have been complaining that there is no way around it...

If your household has another PC or laptop (which is not using Windows 10), try on it first. Or maybe one of your friend's PC before doing anything else.

If it work on a non-Windows 10 machine, it confirms that its an OS related issue. There might be a way to "create" drivers (find already created ones) so that the wheel is supported in Windows 10, but sorry, I'm not aware of how to do that...

Xbox 360 wireless speed wheel on pc
(4 posts, started )