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Fri, Sat & Sun 20:00UK - LFS Bangers & PiranMOTODestructionDerby Fun Nights
To keep us all occupied and at least half-sane during these crazy times, the recently deceased LFS Bangers league has been resurrected for an until-further-notice series of Fun Nights to be held on LFS Bangers and PiranMOTODestructionDerby!

On Fridays, 20:00 UK Time on LFS Bangers

Many races in many cars on many small ovals, all with much contact allowed:

You may bump, push, rub, knock and pit-manoeuvre anywhere on the track.

You can follow-in (push a car through through the braking zone and into the wall) and even oppo (wrong-way driving/crashing) at corners, but, you should not cause another car to be destroyed completely or leave the track on purpose. You may not drive the wrong way on the straights.

Please note: The point is to take people out for long enough to get past, not for the whole race Wink It's a lot more fun - and requiring of a lot more skill - to push past a car without taking them out completely, and then defending against them returning the favour. Grudges are perfectly fine, just keep them within the rules - another reason to only use the force you need to pass Wink

On Saturdays and Sundays, 20:00 UK Time on PiranMOTODestructionDerby

Many races in many cars on many stunt-type tracks, all with all contact allowed. "Just win" Thumbs up

On this server if you end up upside-down you can be flipped back onto your wheels by using the command '!flip'. You must be still, and damage will not be repaired.

PLEASE NOTE: These are all at 20:00 UK Time - UK clocks go forward one hour on 29th March! This Sunday's event will be 23 hours after this Saturday's.
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@badam this is for u
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