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4 Hours of Aston Live Stream - Important Details
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4 Hours of Aston Live Stream - Important Details
Live Stream Details - 4 Hours of Aston

This weekend's race will be streamed live and in full from with the pre-show starting at 16:45 CET / 15:45 UTC.

We are not using Discord for interviews for this event and will instead use TeamSpeak because of its superior voice codecs. Therefore, drivers wishing to participate in mid-race interviews (whether they're currently in the car or not), should download and install TeamSpeak and join the stream waiting room channel on the [TC] Gaming TS server: (Instructions for joining: - wait in the lobby until you are granted move permissions). If you join the waiting room at the start of the race (solo) or for your stint (team), you may use your headlights (toggle with 3 key) to indicate that you are ready for an interview (headlights off = do not disturb). The stream waiting room does not allow voice chat so if you sit in there you will not be disturbed by others. Ensure that you disable other TS notifications before the race.

Your broadcast team for this event will be:
  • Peter Butcher (MButcher) - Broadcast Director and Commentary
  • Jonathan Palmer (Dekojester) - Race Director and Commentary
  • Thilo Falkenberg (TFalke55) - Commentary
  • Jack Eyre (vRenegade) - Commentary
We look forward to a successful and enjoyable event on Saturday. Good luck to all teams and solo drivers!

Cool comm box team! Looking forward to tune into it
#5 - Nanex
thanks for organization, strongly next race ^^
Today I could not participate Frown but next race I will try to participate
What to say than good job guys, great organisation, great people on track, great stewarding, great and proffesional stream... Cant wait for the next one Big grin

4 Hours of Aston Live Stream - Important Details
(7 posts, started )