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Engine Sound Editor (Shift+A) Bug
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#1 - BIzO
Engine Sound Editor (Shift+A) Bug
So this bug happened to me today,
Was spectating someone in an UF1 and was editing the engine sound of it with the editor
He left and disconnected while I was editing the sound and the camera switched back to my FZR

Thing is, now the game consider that my FZR have UF1 sounds and can only read .eng files having the UF1_ prefix (see pictures in attachements)

Only my FZR was affected until I tried to leave the server and get back on it, but now all the FZRs there now loads only UF1 sounds Ya right

Also tried to reboot the game, but same results

Didn't tried to reboot my PC, might work but i'll try later, since it isn't really a gamebreaking bug Tilt
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#2 - BIzO
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Okay so fixed the bug by doing this

Quote from peterjbruins :I have had this problem too.

Another way to fix this is to edit your .ply file in data\misc.
Just open the file with Notepad++ or smth, search for 'RB4' and remove the first thing it found (XRT is before RB4 in this file that's why its the first thing) (delete "RB4_[name]")

Well in this case instead or searching for 'RB4' i've searched for 'UF1'

So if it happens to someone else as well, here you go

Still, could be annoying for someone who doesn't lurk the LFS Forums Ya right
you can actually switch it back ingame too. it just takes ALOT of patience. because you then would need to be in a uf1 spectating a fzr that then disconnects, then itll switch back again. but as said takes ALOT of patience because you need to wait for someone to actually do that. and what are the odds of that really, with specific cars and sounds. but it has happened to me alot over the years. it has been in LFS for atleast 10 or so years, but a thing nobody notice because it is so insanely rare it happens that its practically invisible for most. i spoke to several people over the years who had this issue too. so im thinking it is a known thing for developers too. just one of those things that doesnt get attention as its a one in a million odds it even happens.
is it a bug ? i dont really know. just its been in LFS for a very long time.

i tried once to copy my entire LFS with this issue .
even the copy took the wrong car. so only other option to fix this as i see it.
download LFS and install again.
you can copy all other folders from your old LFS to the new install, except Misc.
or do as above. just dont copy influenced cars. and use the new for those.

Best advice to prevent this from even happening is :
NEVER edit car sounds online. do it in single player mode.

Engine Sound Editor (Shift+A) Bug
(3 posts, started )