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Setting up server
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Setting up server
I am trying to connect to master server but I can't. I can not see my server on list... (I am using in Dcon settings "/usemaster=yes")
I think is a problem with my routers because i have 2 and idk what ip to use (I did portforward in both routers) xD
From outside it comes internet cable in router 1, from router 1 goes a cable to router 2 and from router 2 it comes a cable to my pc.
Any help, please?
Thanks! (:
#2 - Racon
The IP you need the traffic to end up at is the IP of the PC running Dcon - find it by running a dos box, typing "ipconfig" and looking for "IPv4 Address" (it'll usually be 192.168.0.something).

Make sure you forward both TCP and UDP packets.
I forgot to say I am using my laptop connected via wifi. It's same thing?
#4 - Racon
Yes, same thing for wifi, but with one extra complication.

If you're using wifi, by default you'll get a new local IP address for your laptop every time your wifi reconnects, and you'd have to change the port forwarding to match it each time.

You should be able to get around this by setting up your laptop to always request a fixed IP address when it connects, or setting up your router to always give the same IP address to that laptop. (search google for "DHCP fixed IP" along with your laptop or router model)
Might be a useless idea, but make sure you have all filters OFF on the multiplayer server list (all filters should be set to [yes] on the bottom, also, all column headers should be black). After you set these, refresh the list.

Setting up server
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