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Logitech Momo help needed
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Logitech Momo help needed
I recently (like 2 days ago) got myself a logitech momo its been alright, but i was wondering the ffb jsut feels too unrealistic and it feels over amplified.

my question is if anyone has any settings ideas, and im also have the problem of it loosing where center is, but not so much in LFS, more in other games.

Thanks in advance
#2 - Racon
Force feedback can go from 0 to 200%, it is in the settings (I forget where, sorry!). You can use the ',' and '.' keys to turn it up or down too, it will display in text as it changes up in the top right corner of the screen.
Go to window mode in LFS (SHIFT+F4) and then go back to full screen mode (SHIFT+F4 again).
I've had this bug with MOMO and I still have it with G25. The above resolves the problem of FF feeling weird (unrealistic) and feeling too hard.

If that doesn't help do the following:
1. Set 100% FF strength in Logitech Profiler driver
2. Set 20-30% FF strength in LFS
3. Make sure you set 270 degrees wheel rotation both in Profiler and in LFS

Losing center, especially when moving the wheel rapidly, usually means your optical sensor got dirty. Open the wheel and clean it gently with soft cotton cloth.

Logitech Momo help needed
(3 posts, started )