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screen resolution make game crash
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screen resolution make game crash
hi all

i download a new version LFS_S3_6U_setup.exe
and when i adjust resolution to 3440*1440, 120Hz, the resolution doesn't change, and LFS will crash(
LFS can only run in 1024*768,60Hz (windows mode, not full screen)

how do i fix this problem?

CPU: Inter I7-8700
graphics card : RTX2070

11/25 REPLY

the error only show the LFS.exe has stopped working

and sorry, i miss something to say.
in this page. it can change resolution normally.

now, i already change to high resolution and 120Hz.
when i play LFS in online , it will crash.
but, in the singel-player , it can work normally.

if you need more information, just tell. i really want to play this game..QQ
It shouldn't be crashing while changing resolution... even on higher Hz monitors (I have a 144Hz monitor and can select 144Hz in LFS as well, without problems).
Do you get any crash address / offset / exception / error codes when it crashes? Also, have a look at the Windows Event Log and post anything that is related to the LFS crash. These things help the devs a lot in the investigation.
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screen resolution make game crash
(4 posts, started )