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V8 Racing League 2019 - information and sign-ups
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LFSW name: nikopdr
In-game name: GenR uNite
Full team name: Divisione Specialista Corse di Ask Toolbar
Nation: Finland

I may be unable to attend last 2 rounds Frown
LFSW name: Ngottini
In-game name: Teho | Ngottini
Full team name: Teho Motorsports
Nation: Finland
LFSW name:renato.picanco
In-game name:[RP]Pedro17
Full team name: RP racing team
Full team name: Divisione Specialista Corse di Ask Toolbar

LFSW name:zSnake
In-game name:[RP]Sick19
Full team name: RP racing team
LFSW name: gt4_pl
In-game name: GT4tube
Full team name: ---
Nation: Poland
Round 1 info
V8 Racing League 2019
Round 1

Sunday,6th October
17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET / 20:30 EET

Later than ever the season of V8 Racing League is now ready to start as we're already in october,but the intensity of race should not be affected. Winning the 1st round is always a huge boost to championship chances,but only once in 4 VERL years winner of round 1 became the series champion of that year - that was done 2016 by A.Wiśniewski,who won the 1st round which coincidentally was held in Kyoto. We have now 2 months time to find out if the history can be repeated.
The well known roval course of Kyoto National will be run in reversed direction - this means the "right" direction over oval part and the 1st non-oval turn will also be to the left. Unfortunatelly the curbs still have not been fixed,so everyone has to take care avoiding the buggy curbs in both 1st and last sectors of the course - recently held BF1 race of RTFR XL proved that uncautios racing will result in damage that might inflict handling and ever outcome of own race. Even if the series does not feature mandatory pitstops,it's worth to note that entry and exit of pitlane should be made over apron underneath 1st and last turns!

Round info:
Track: Kyoto National Reversed (KY2R)
Laps: 39
Previous winners: v\A.Wiśniewski (2016), [SR] S.Litmanen (2015)

Server info and password will be PM'ed saturday to all entrants,until then server remains publically accessible:
V8 Racing League
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I sadly will miss the first two rounds.
LFSW name: siberianbear
In-game name: Toni
Full team name:
Nation: Switzerland
LFSW name: jackson93
In-game name: M@CI3K
Full team name:
Nation: Poland

After wasting rookie of the year last season I feel no unnecessary pressure.
LFSW name: texxxas
In-game name: [LCS-R] Texas
Full team name: LCS-Racing
Nation: Poland
Quote from texxxas :LFSW name: [LCS-R] Texas
In-game name: texxxas

Seems you switched those...
18:30 cet, 19:30 eet... please correct
Quote from Mates1337 :18:30 cet, 19:30 eet... please correct

Please don't mix up with summer/winter times! EET is shown in current state (summer time for rounds 1 and 2) as info already suggests.
#41 - jh89
LFSW name: jh89
In-game name: [RAF] Jay
Full team name: Racing Army Finland
Nation: Finland
Server is now passworded and password has been sent to all entrants via PM.

The following users have not enabled PM receiving in this website:
Quote from dzban :LFSW name: dzban

Quote from GT4_PL :LFSW name: gt4_pl

If someone hasn't received it due some mistake,please give a notification!

Signups are still open until 10 minutes before qualifying start!
LFSW name: Monster110501
In-game name: C.Midgett
Full team name: N/A
Nation: United States
LFSW name: kamikas
In-game name: [FFM]^Kamikas
Full team name: Fragmaster
Nation: Estonia
LFSW name: biroot
In-game name:biroot
Full team name:
Nation: France
Where is the password pls ?
LFSW name:pianomen
in-game name:Jereloco
Full team name:-
nation: Argentina

oh. enable it. done.
LFSW name: spiiiky
In-game name: B2R spiky
Full team name: Born To Race
Nation: Slovakia
LFSW name: Viperakecske
In-game name:Tam1 GáboR
Full team name: Team America
Nation: Hungary

V8 Racing League 2019 - information and sign-ups
(85 posts, started )