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New York E-Prix circuit replica
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New York E-Prix circuit replica

After almost 100 hours of spent personal time, thousands of measurements and calculations, lots of careful judgement and after reaching the object count limit...

I'm proud to present you the new hyper-realistic replica of:

Formula E's New York E-Prix circuit

This unique street circuit was first used in the third season of the Formula E championship in it's short version. Year later the series returned to Brooklyn's port once again to race there on this longer version for the second time.

The track is 2374 meters long and only 8 to 12 meters wide. It has 14 turns and pretty much no runoff areas, so keeping the car in a good shape is very challenging.

How close to reality is this thing you may ask? Surely I can be biased, so you'd better take a look at these pictures and judge it by yourself Thumbs up

This replica has GUARANTEED a sub-meter placement accuracy for all objects and boundaries.

Unfortunately, due to reaching the limit of 2100 objects, only half of the track have its realistic lifelike nearby environment, while the other half has only the bare minimum to ensure realistic racing experience.

The track is loaded on [MRc] Custom server for online testing purposes.
Feel free to join and spam the leaderboard with your laptimes to earn the never-ending fame.

Recommended car to try out is FOX, which is quite close to Gen 1 Formula E's specifications (it's less powerful, but also way lighter, so in the end it has slightly higher power-to-weight ratio than the first generation Formula E car and does similar laptimes).

Can you beat the Formula E track record of 1:13,207 set by Mitch Evans? Uhmm


As the layout is elevated in the air, please keep in mind the track surface is concrete instead of regular tarmac - your car may handle little differently.

Default grid can accommodate 22 cars, but for event purposes grid slots can be added as usual.

Feel free to use this layout for any purpose you like, but please avoid heavy editing and branding the track as your work.
Thank you.
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I can definitly see awesome job done mate,well done!
#3 - lucaf
wow man, first "laser scanned" LYT ever? Big grin will check it for sure
I tried while you was AFK online michal, Can tell you have put a massive amount of work into this. Nice job mate
Hey Michal, I've tried it and this is amazing, really well made and detailed work! Thanks for giving me the heads up, and we will definitely consider this for use for LRL (Layout Racing League) in the future!

Top job, you've made me happy seeing another good layoutter Big grin
The penultimate race of 2018/2019 Formula E season in New York was very eventful as you can see in the Highlights video.

The final round on this exact track starts in less than 2 and half hours, the championship fight is still open and I highly recommend you to watch it. Here you can find how:

Note: This year's layout is slightly different to the one from last season, I will cover all modifications and release updated version of the layout soon. Wink
love it , sounds like my old scaletrix or my electric rc buggy Big grin very eventful race
Season 5 version
Hello racers.

First of all, thanks for all your positive comments Smile

As you probably noticed, the circuit used in the latest Formula E season was slightly different to the Season 4 version I originally posted. Some things moved and other things moved as well, so I spent some extra time to cover those changes to keep the layout up-to-date.

Therefore here is:

Season 5 Formula E's New York E-Prix circuit

The layout looks pretty much the same, but there are few major changes that may have changed the nature of the track a little:

- The finish line moved from its original place (next to original pitlane) to the actual grid area
- The pitlane moved as well - now it sits next to the main straight and it actually looks like a pitlane (very narrow one though)
- The turn 10 (used to be turn 1) got reproffiled - now the approach is shorter and the turn itself is much wider, making it better opportunity to pass

Apart from these, the nearby environment in the form of bridges and grandstands got updated as well.

This is, what the recent track looked like:

As always, the car to try out is FOX, which has the closest specifications to actual Formula E Gen 2 cars.

Last but not least, this sunday (11th of August) we will attempt to recreate whole Formula E race format in the Absolute Beginners racing League.
For more informations please visit ... _viewtopic.php?16406.last
Feel free to join us and relive some (almost) electrifying fun Razz
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New York E-Prix circuit replica
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