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AI bugging in South City
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AI bugging in South City
I didn't knew exactly where to post this but, i'm in south city classic(REVERSED) and i'm testing the new AI update in practice, as soon as they all go out they all or almost all of them crash in the chicane, atleast 25 cars were there most upside down even, they spin out at the entry.
Car: FOX
No idea about that particular map, but are your AIs using default setup, or your custom one?
Confirmed. With standard setups, this happens with many car types: UF1, XFG, XRG, LX4, UFR, BF1, MRT, FXR, FOX... with the rest, there is no pile-up, but many have problems (some even on the first turn). The only ones to make it flawlessly are the RB4.

AI bugging in South City
(3 posts, started )