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Force feedback
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Force feedback

New to force feedback and sims, just plugged a TM T300 RS in and used with LFS. It goes through all its tests and produces FF as expected. In game, I tried it with the default FF strength of 50, but didn't experience any force during the test drive (first training exercise). I tried again at 200 and didn't feel anything either while cornering. Felt like linear resistance.

There was nothing for hitting curbs etc, either. Is this the expected behaviour?

Maybe it helps these are my settings for road cars in LFS

Btw not all curbs in LFS give FFB
#3 - Racon
When you say 'no FFB' and 'linear resistance', do you mean that there is something going on, but not as much as you expected? Or does it feel the same as if you've removed the power? (ie, I can unplug the mains from my wheel (DFGT) and it still works as a controller, just with no FFB or lights. There's a tiny bit of mechanical resistance left, which is linear).

Remember also that the castor you have in your setup has an effect on the force being supplied to the wheel. Put it up as far as it will go and drive in tight circles to get LFS supplying the wheel with a big value for the FFB. Or drive straight and fast with no hands on the wheel to see if it starts a shimmy.
I've just got a Logitech G29 and I don't seem to get al the forces I expected, especially losing grip.

Testing with FXO GTR (90% rear traction)

What I get:
-resistance when steering
-passing over kerbs
-going thru dirt
-hitting stuff

What I don't get:
-losing grip (I can hear the tires screeching as it goes into oversteer but I only get feedback later when the car snaps in the opposite direction)
-vibrations from riding on the curbs (but I hear the buzzing sound)

Force feedback
(5 posts, started )