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Easier indexing in layout editor
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#1 - lucaf
Easier indexing in layout editor
Again one "low priority" suggestion, but at the same time I think this does not require big effort to do. If someone knows (once again) a workaround to this, please tell Smile

When I create custon grid or custom pit start points, I usually never manage to get the indexes right in the first pass. Specially if I copy&paste a custom grid/pit from layout2 to layout1. This means I need to assign the indexes manually one by one, which then means "lot of" mouse/keyboard efforts. Its still not a big task, but since ergonomic UI is a trademark of LFS, I would love to see a way to index those things more easy.

Implementation suggestion: For example there could be an "Index all" function in the grid slot (and pit start point) objects, and when you click it, it highlights (maybe with different highlight color) all slot objects and wait for your clicks. So you click them in the order you want to be them indexed, and while you click each one, the highlight color for example changes (for example from red to green). After you have cliked the last one, maybe you could see messagebox "40 grid slots indexed" and when you click OK the highlight color disappear and it kinda exits the indexing mode.

Same implementation for all indexable objects.

Has this any sense?

However, I would be more than happy, if the index-edit-box just would pop up when I double click the object. Actually this one modification would be 95% faster to implement and it would help a lot.

edit: And why cut/paste will now manipulate the index of pasted object?

Easier indexing in layout editor
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