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3D render in the 3dsmax
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3D render in the 3dsmax
Hello, I newbie for 3DSMax, and I write to help me for dowloand and install brazill also help to the first image render. Who can help me?
Youtube? Big grin
Before installing Brazil for 3dsmax I would recommend to download the free trail of Keyshot.

You dont need any manual to start. Just drop material and environment. This way you get an imagination of how 3D Rendering works.

To be able to work Brazil or any other render, you do need to have technical knowledge.

For example:

Indirect Lighting, Shaders, Angle of Reflection, Index of Reflection, Rendering method, Sub Surface Scattering, Translucency.

Thats all not comfortable for the start.
Evolution_R may not have been serious, but he's 100% correct. YouTube really is your best bet for the amount of information you are looking for.

If you are a little more serious about getting into it, and don't mind paying a few bucks, does a range of online courses for modelling and rendering. They used to be in the hundreds of dollars per course, but they're mostly all around $11 right now...

3D render in the 3dsmax
(4 posts, started )