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How we being fooled ;)
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How we being fooled ;)

What u guys think?
"Some beleaguered IPCC participants wasted no time latching onto a hail-Mary hypothesis advanced by New Zealander Kevin Trenberth that the oceans ate their recent global warming temperatures. As Trenberth speculates, “The oceans can at times soak up a lot of heat. Some goes into the deep oceans where it can stay for centuries [and where lamentably, there are no reliable temperature measurements]. But heat absorbed closer to the surface can easily flow back into the air.”

And how does IPCC defend at this hypothesis? Well, perhaps you already guessed the answer. Of course! They developed some hypothetical, unproven guess-work models. Those models will also have to account for that lack of deep ocean temperature measurements in formulating their analysis. In addition, they will have to explain why sea surface temperatures and the upper heat content didn’t increase over the last decade by nearly enough to account for the “missing heat” that those greenhouse gas emissions were originally supposed to have trapped in the Earth’s climate system, yet couldn’t be found."


"IPCC’s AR5 report devotes two pages of discussion on climate influences of “solar irradiance”. They conclude that even if such solar activity decreases, it won’t matter nearly as much as an increased “forcing” of greenhouse gases. While this might possibly be true, it doesn’t take the Sun’s strong probable climate influence out of the equation at all. As noted by climatologist Judith Curry who chairs the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, “…the solar-climate connection is probably a lot more complex than this statement implies.”

While the IPCC focusses upon influences of variations in solar irradiance (analogous to turning up and down the brightness of a light bulb), there is another much more powerful way the Sun can impact climate. This occurs through periodic short and long-term changes in cosmic ray activity evidenced by the frequency of sunspots. Cosmic rays are high-energy particles coming from exploding stars that influence the amount of cloud cover."

TLDR: The ocean has eaten the temperature increases that we said would occur, and variations in solar activity have no effect on global warming or cooling.

Yeah, Right........

Important Note: I fully agree with the fact of Climate Change, it has happened for billion's of years and the earths temperature regularly changes. I just don't believe that giving a UN body or Al Gore billions of dollars will make the slightest difference to anything other than wealth redistribution.
it happens all the time. even the earths magnetic field is known to change around every 26.000 years.
we havent seen that for the past...26.000 years. maybe thats what going on inside our Planet.
also the zodiac you know from horoscopes in newspapers etc. have a cycle to change sign every 2000-2500 years. this is when the sun orbits around the Northern star, also known as the Dog star or siruis B.
it is believed this orbit is reason mankind once had a global flood which is described in all religions about Noahs Arch and saving of mankind´s 7 species. which again was the beginning of religions worldwide.

but what we really should be afraid of is solar storms. they can breach the Earths atmosphere and melt telegraph pole lines as they did in 1859. Solar storms can be so powerful they can ,even with ease blow of the entire atmosphere. which would be pretty devastating if that happened for all life on Earth.

Earth is in constant change within itself too.
and then there is this fact to add to all the other things aswell :

Human population over time :

Last global warming :

these may have been planted there. however. palmtrees can be found as far north as in the UK !

in europe theres a rainforest. somewhere in middle of europe. i currently forgot its name though.
#4 - BeNoM
It's the Illuminati, right?
Quote from BeNoM :It's the Illuminati, right?

yes. there is no other explanations Smile

isnt it always the illuminati btw?

(asking for a friend)
this friend :
#7 - Racon this forum all lunatics and conspiracies these days...?
Quote from ACCAkut this forum all lunatics and conspiracies these days...?

well.... Let's do the math here. The very first post had a link to an hour long conspiracy docudrama.
Racer X NZ has responded and it has nothing to do with rally cars.
Climate change...
You know, I had a friend who went to Paris. He bought an accordion. Yeah. It didn't work though.
Quote from jackson93 :It's Asgard from Stargate!

Asgaard according to hollywood is in space right? stargate is in space...

yup defo illuminati right there Wink

Quote from ACCAkut this forum all lunatics and conspiracies these days...?

just some Trump influence.. thats all.. Merican POTUS want to control the people right.

with little green dollars. with illuminati on them.

muahaha Big grin

well not all is conspiracy. some is actually rightfully science too. and math. and history.
and hey. its fun to see what others post too innit? why else do you look here Wink

Mu Mu

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Quote from ACCAkut this forum all lunatics and conspiracies these days...?

Yes, which is why a lot of the users have stopped using it. This forum is a joke.
Quote from BeNoM :Yes, which is why a lot of the users have stopped using it. This forum is a joke.

but let me remind you who scared of the ones form the past.
a scirrocco ,and the following breed of racer trolls...

you do remember that dont you?

so infact its the users own fault .
it got nothing to do with things like these posted. just bad judgement from few individuals
who doesnt like critism of themselves and therefore caused alot of mayhem in these forums instead because they got a little mad.

people can choose what they read. but in these forums. they also feel they HAVE to reply ,often with a low useless or pointless reply. which didnt make it any better to go here did it?

so atleast we post something others apparently like to talk about.
and thats exactly why this section is made innit?

so as i also said often on social networks.

if you dont like what you see or read.

theres a ton of other pages you read here about almost any subject, so why do you choose to read what pisses you of or you get annoyed by?

you hardly see me saying a thing in racing section do you? but people judge everything i do if i go ask something in like tech section.they more or less throw themselves over other people, judging them from what they "think" they know about them from posts like these.

not a uncommon thing seen here in these forums. who say i beleive in ufo´s forexample? does that mean i cant post about it? erhm no !

its like trolls on facebook or other places that starts to follow a account just to troll it . why? on facebook you got 140 million other pages you can look at. why choose those you DONT like ?
same goes for LFS forum.

whos fault is that ?
yours or mine?

think about that...

EDIT: when i see some of the old good racers coming to LFS in present time. they ALL say the same thing. people cant race fair anymore and the entire tone of how they speak to eachother is just....
so mostly they tell me they will go away agin. this is ALL the users fault. because its somewhat also a reflection of how aggressive this world has become in just 20 years time.
thats just how the world is in a way.

go look at posts from the past from 2004 and see how polite and nice people used to be. then look at a recent post after. you are a oldtimer too in LFS. you know this aswell as i do and many others ,here amongst devs.

EDIT: as Scawen also pointed out to me. i am not always right. but that doesnt mean i am always wrong either. (yes i have that in mind Scawen). because that was infact a very valid comment. thanks Smile
Quote from Racer Y :well.... Let's do the math here. The very first post had a link to an hour long conspiracy docudrama.
Racer X NZ has responded and it has nothing to do with rally cars.
Climate change...
You know, I had a friend who went to Paris. He bought an accordion. Yeah. It didn't work though.

I give a post with scientific info, you TL:DR and so on.....

If you want to do a crit on my post, do one that doesn't involve your accordion buying mate, cus WTF ??????
The part about the accordion was touching, I think I cried a little.
Some years ago I inherited my aunts accordion, but I got no clue how to play it. Shrug
Quote from Racer X NZ :I give a post with scientific info, you TL:DR and so on.....

If you want to do a crit on my post, do one that doesn't involve your accordion buying mate, cus WTF ??????

Uh... I wasn't criticizing you. Just over the years when there's some sort of conspiracy thread, you're not far away. Now are you?

Wow.... nobody got the Paris Accord joke..... talk about a tough crowd.
Oh my, I've never expected to see such conspiracy theories here... So the huge jump in average temperatures is nothing? More extreme weather is nothing? All the ice that is melting is nothing?

This is a good video talking about this from a different perspective, something that many of us aren't aware of but it's a serious warning.
well back on topic on how we are being fooled. i think this fits well into that topic :
mostly because it actually explains how trump is connected to russia.

EDIT: perhaps also because this is spreading like wildfire worldwide these days.
resulting in the world as we see it today.
not really fair to anyone. too many problems. nothing really works as should. etc..
and someone controlling it all putting all the money in their own pockets.
thats the world we look at today as i see it.

illuminati and jp morgan :
Global warming.... climate change.... THe earth is warming. I know that because of how the media here oohed and ahhed over the "polar vortex" that swept across the country a few weeks ago here in the USofA.
Thirty years ago, this "polar vortex" nonsense would've been a monthly occurrence called a cold front. So yeah, the winters here have gotten fewer of those vortexes over the years. Man made? LOLOLOL we're not advanced enough to to something as stupid as that yet without using nukes. Nah. It's a natural thing. We're just helping it along at best.
What can we do about it? Not a whole hell of a lot. Here in the states, we have idiots on the right that are in denial. As long as big business funds their campaigns, they will continue to be so. Then you got the clowns on the left. Those scumbags simply point out the obvious and try to figure out a way to make a buck off it through taxation, over regulation and fees. That's what all those carbon credits are. They don't do anything but allow a tree hugger to profit off of polluting the planet too.
Pretty dark cloud, huh? Well I think every cloud has a silver lining. And this one is no different.
There's a potential in everything out there. We should be able to convert the Sahara desert back into a rain forest. We could start up a exterior tropical plant business in Finland! Farmers in Kansas could grow pineapples and coconuts! The UK could be a popular WINTER tourist destination! All those plastic garbage piles in the ocean? This should be a non issue, Just melt all that plastic together and use them as floating rest stops for super tankers and submarines. Seriously! Could you imagine being stuck in a submarine and have to got to the restroom and you can't go until you reach a port? Maybe you're on a freighter and have a craving for a snicker's bar. How else could you get your fix if you're 3 zillion miles from a convenience store? Soooooo many possibilities.
If we invest in sunscreen stocks now - we'll make a killing!!!!!!!
Glad to see this forum still shining.
Quote from BeNoM :Glad to see this forum still shining.

Crackpots are the only ones left Big grin
#25 - SamH
Climate science that pronounces imminent catastrophe because of human influences on the environment is mostly junk science.

There is a good reason why hard scientists like physicists and geologists don't subscribe to the pseudo-science that makes up a large part of climatology. It's the same reason real, actual medical doctors disagree with gender studies professors when they claim that there is no such thing as biological sex (true story).

When you apply the Scientific Method properly to the hypotheses of anthropogenic global warming, the hypotheses collapse.

Is human influence on the climate something to be concerned about? Maybe? The truth is that it's absolutely impossible to know, given the abysmal standard of science being performed in the subject.

How we being fooled ;)
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