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Tweak crashing/deleting itself
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Tweak crashing/deleting itself

My pro tweaker for 0.6R has been working fine for a year up until a week ago when the program just disappears after I try to start it. It doesn't open at all, takes a few seconds and then it just disappears from the folder I put it in while giving me the "windows error sound", nothing pops up. Well, once or twice there has been an error window that flashes for a millisecond (impossible to comprehend) but not every time.

I noticed that the Tweak servers are down but my friends 0.6R tweak works, so I am not sure if this is somehow related to my computer or if it's in the hands of the programmer? Someone please help, I'm not able to get ahold of the tweak creator..

If I try to open directly from winrar it throws an errorcode saying cannot execute: (location of .exe file)
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May be a dumb question... did you check your antivirus, if it is not quarantining it?
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Quote from Ped7g :May be a dumb question... did you check your antivirus, if it is not quarantining it?

I'm retarded. It was exactly that. It wasn't doing that as of no time ago.. McAfee is quarantining it all of a sudden and I cannot undo it, there's no way to add it to a trusted list. Am I in a corner here? I cannot find a way to stop it from quarantining it by googling it, it seems as if McAfee has removed that option. Will disabling McAfee do the trick? Not sure I want to disable it though.
These days there aren't really a need for antivirus *inb4 this thread turns into an anti-virus discussion*.

I personally just use windows defender.
If McAfee don't even have the option then I'd just uninstall anyway. Every antivirus should have that.
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Sorry, I have no idea how these things work (since 2006 I'm on linux, and my PC usage pattern is set up in a way to not need AV (in case of virus hit I will simply reinstall and restore data from backups/clouds), as it hurts performance of my text editor, which is my daily job ... it's a bit ridiculous, but it's like that, in 2018 I need gaming+ grade of HW (without GPU) to run text editor at somewhat reasonable speed, and even that last bit of not running AV makes huge difference (if you don't have a clue, that text editor is "Android Studio", fully fledged IDE written in Java, so it's slow as hell, I'm not kidding).

Tweak crashing/deleting itself
(5 posts, started )