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Voting system
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Voting system
Should use a specified command to vote. Vote count should either be a number set by the user or a % of the online players set by the user. It should have a timeout in seconds set by the user.

If vote is successful, it runs a function.

If the vote is canceled (times out) then it runs a different function.

It shouldn't be a complete addon with complete functions and stuff, but rather something that could be adapted into any addon that needs a voting system.
Quote from Bass-Driver :you could check out this votesystem i uploaded 3 years ago.
The date of creation is much older.

That's pretty darn close to what I need, but I'm thinking more of a system that has one intended function and is triggered by a command regardless of it being in progress or inactive.

If I were to give an example, it would be similar to the Drift+Scorer !v to change layout (and it's actually exactly what I'd be using it for on my drift server), but instead of asking for something so specific I figured it could be a useful feature for anyone to use.

I'll take a look at that code if I have time (maybe I'll try writing something like it myself).
a combo with "LayoutList(.LPR)" !layoutlist and this script whould be nice indeed.

Voting system
(4 posts, started )