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Hi there,
Recently upgraded my hardware, with an OSW kit. Are there other users around ?

The only sim that works (almost) out of the box is Assetto Corsa. And it is extremely smooth and pleasant.

In LFS while the force (a lot of it) is present, the wheel feels like it has a gear transmission, like in the G25. Might be linked to the refresh rate of the physics ? (what is LFS's, btw ?)

Anybody has some settings to share maybe ? TY.
Quote from luchian :refresh rate of the physics

LFS has 100Hz physics engine,that's all I can help here...
I have my FPS locked at 240 with 2 pre-buffered frames, I've found that it reduces input lag.

You can edit those in Settings -> Misc.
Input lag is not the issue. The "grinding" feel is. It should feel very smooth, but it is not. And I am thinking it could be the FFB refresh rate.
Hello racers !!

OSW owner here ...30NM MIge BiSS encoder and SIMUCUBE software...
Any suggestions are welcome...
Live for Speed run smoothest at 50Hz/50FPS or 100Hz/100FPS in my experience...
Quote from Evolution_R :Live for Speed run smoothest at 50Hz/50FPS or 100Hz/100FPS in my experience...

This is not about FPS.
It's about FFB rate.
Hello Sim Racers and merry Christmas...

Can someone share with a screenshot his SIMUCUBE settings please .

Thank you and happy new year Wink
Last patch (U7) solves the issue. Thank you Scawen.
Thanks for the feedback, good to hear the patch solves the update problems.

For the OSW you should get Test Patch U7 and use the following settings:

Options - Controls screen:
Axes / FF tab:

FF Steps -> maximum
FF Rate -> maximum
The U7 patch not affects only to OSW, my wheel also feels different

To drift with the U7 is definitely better no doubt, I guess not only the drift is better but it's what I've been tested
Thanks for the feedback, I hoped the new (simpler, user controlled) filtering would be better with geared wheels too. I don't think you need the new settings up to max on geared wheels because they are a bit notchy anyway.

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