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Rustavi international Motorpark
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Rustavi international Motorpark

Hello LFSers! I’m here to present to you Rustavi International Motorpark Team!We are a new team, with high aspirations, that we hope are realistic. At the moment we consist of 6 members, but we’re in contact with a driver or two at the moment and we hope to be able to announce them to you in a few days. Basically, the team started when I approached Joonas with the idea of running a new team. He agreed that it would be a nice new challenge, and we then started to discuss it with one or two other drivers.The team is a work in progress, and far from perfect, but we feel this will become something worthwhile, fun and something to develop our skills. We also participate in racing in DEMO servers. We Play on Formula BMW, XFG and XRG
thanks for Reading an Join in Georgian Team RIM™ SmileSmile Smile

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Rustavi international Motorpark
(1 post, started )