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Arabic fonts problem
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Arabic fonts problem
There is a problem in the Arabic characters appear incomprehensible inside the game!
How to add the Arabic font to the game file?
Hi, I'm sorry but Arabic is not possible yet. It's mainly because of the right-to-left complication which needs special coding.

I know Arabic would be popular and I would like to support it eventually. But for now we need to get the new graphics and tyre physics finished.
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In the future, we hope to have an update on Arabic.

good luck
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Explain the installation with the file connector

An old explanation in adding Arabic to the game lfs

But we still need an assistant in the way of weighing the words with the images that appear in the game with the graphic

We can cooperate in making the Arabic language in the game, but we need only a little help
you can edit a text file from language folder and translate it to arabic using notepad or simular programs. this could be used as fore runner for your future arabic translation perhaps ? that was how i started to translate for lfs. made my own language text files as there was many errors in my nations translation. as i wasnt translator at the time i editted the textfiles and corrected the text missing or mispelled/placed this way. im not sure if LFS will read it in arabic.i dont think it will. but you can try this and try to add it to the game when done. but i guess you will need the fonts before lfs can actually read it. but doing the ground work. always a good start isnt it ?

file attached is the english default translation. goes to lfs/data/language folder
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You can watch for more ways to go into it in internet, for example in articles,tips or guidances (like that or any other, by the way I can try to help you with that content.
I was also affected by some problems when I met arabic language in a game, so I think thats just problem of localization.

Arabic fonts problem
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