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0.6T blank screen after first start
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0.6T blank screen after first start
After i was invited in game to download new 0.6T i proceed and finished installation into same directory as old LFS and then confirmed to restart LFS then once it started, it was loading some things in the bottom corner, then shown that it can not load my car setup (Nelze načíst auto hráče vit****)

shown logo and play music, but once logo disappeared i see nothing except playing music.

So i do Esc key. Update: i see when i wait long enough, it will show the screen to configure player language, and look. Ok, then i have to agree rules, then i see car XF GTI. I had bad feeling of damaged profile. But no, after proceeding i see my profile is there.

It may be good if black screen is not there during initial start or if there on it is some text explaining what is going on. And also not sure why it had problem with my car setup to be found, but it is not a big problem maybe, because i can later change car in game.

0.6T blank screen after first start
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