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getting Logitech G25 to work
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getting Logitech G25 to work
Hi All, Can anyone offer advice, I am trying to set up my G25, I have got steering working ok but throttle is not.When I start to race the engine is at max rpm. I am doing something wrong in the setup page, some advice would be appreciated.
Try setting your gas and brake paddle to indinivual or reverse axel
you need to invert the throttle,brake and clutch pedals on most wheels
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Hi DataFI, I have my options a per your attached image, however I do not show AXIS 3 ,I amnot planningto use my clutch pedal at this time
You can see the axes on the right side of the options screen. Use your throttle to see your corresponding axis move and select it
On my Options-Controls screen under Availabe Axes 4 lines Mouse X
Mouse Y
1 X Axis
2 Y Axis
THERE IS no 3 axis
Then as neonmateo said make sure your throttle/brake axes are set to seperate. No idea what is wrong if that doesn't fix your issue.
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Have you installed the driver for the wheel? If not, then do so and make sure the box called "Report Combined Pedals" is unchecked.
I'm using Logitech Profiler V 5.1
|Many thanks 'sermilan' wheel now ok, it was the driver and Profiler
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getting Logitech G25 to work
(10 posts, started )