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I got bored and made something dumb.
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I got bored and made something dumb.
One day I got bored and decided: "Let's take Westhill and use as many side roads as I can in the worst ways possible and make it absolutely terrible for racing."
This is the result.
It features sections of road much too narrow for any racing use, extremely sharp corners, speed bumps and ugly bright red walls. It is not recommended to actually try to have a race on this layout, but if you want to, it has 40 start boxes and 40 garage spaces.
This layout is complete, with the exception of it not having braking markers in areas where they would be extremely useful.
Here is a video of me doing a lap of the track: i'm bad
Since recording that video, all unintentional floating red walls have been fixed, and a few have been lowered further for better visibility. Attached is a poorly traced track map and the layout itself.

Good luck with the roundabout.

Edit: Added some sections I didn't realise I could use before, and updated track map as well.
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Me being not very sane I'll do a GT2 XRR Hotlap on this. Why not.

I got bored and made something dumb.
(2 posts, started )