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CYBERMOB [Recruiting]
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CYBERMOB [Recruiting]
Hello everyone!
My name is PopnLoch and I am team leader of Cybermob. We are a team focused on drifting and looking good while doing it. We have 5 members so far as we were previously invite only and we are looking to expand and acquire more members who are good at drifting RWD cars on all tracks.

We currently have a [CM] Drift and [CM] Freestyle server which will include insims running on them in the following weeks, and we hope that you will come along and drift beside us and our community. We hope to provide a great environment to not only the community but future members as well.
If you'd like to join, please fill in the following information:

• LFS username
• Age (Must be at least 17 years old)
• Preferred drift car
• How long you've been playing
• Controller [select from Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, Wheel]

• Discord username

After signing up, be sure to join [CM] Freestyle and be apart of the fun! This may also solidify your chances of joining. Thumbs up
LFS username: JRRIDDLE (NN: The Intimidator)
Age: 20
Preferred: XRT
Playing For: Just started with wheel January 2018
Controller: G27

Discord: JRRIDDLE 0895
• Samurai wavy
• Age 16.5 gud enuf?
• Xrt or fz5 i like both
• 1 year and a half
• Mouse+Keyboard

datboiwavybaby #0900
• Still M.
• 16.5 fam
• Demo Version - 2 Years. S2 - 2 Weeks or 3 idrk
• Keyboard


PS. Im not the best drifter I do spin out on tracks i've o nly hads2 for about 2 weeks so. Im just joining a team to learn
#5 - R_eKT
too young to do anything legal
idk like a month but Ive been driving in assetto for a while
• untitledexe
• 17
• LFS for a little time but assetto and rfactor for 5 years
• G29
Cybermob in 2020 has changed quite a bit over the years, hosting more local events and bringing more friends along the way.

streeto video edit:
and here's a clip from my weekly stream:

With even more fun racing and drift events on the horizon, we would love to have more join the ride! We are still accepting new drivers for 2020, just post below or hit me with a DM on discord (mecha doodle#0001) if you're interested Smile

CYBERMOB [Recruiting]
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