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VR lock camera to horizon
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VR lock camera to horizon
Hi, I cannot find this option anywhere. Does anybody know if it's possible to lock the camera to the track/horizon in VR?
It's very annoying when the camera jumps or tilts when I drive over a bump. Most noticable when driving rallycross of course, but also just braking tilts the camera slightly forward.
Hi and welcome to the LFS forum!

In the View panel there is a section called Acceleration Shift Viewpoint. From there you can lower the settings to 0.
Hey, thanks Skytrill! Acceleration Shift Viewport wasn't showing when 3d-view was active. I had to switch back to 2d.

Everything was already set to 0 except the first one, 1g head tilt, which was set at 1 degree. I set that one to zero as well, but I still think the horizon (the track/world) is moving when I drive over a curb or so.

This is the only simulator in which I get motion sick in VR. I've driven Assetto Corsa, RRRE and Dirt Rally for hours without a problem.
But I just love the real mirrors and the racing feeling in LFS so I'd love to get it working.
#4 - Ped7g
during braking the whole car tilts forward, so are you referring to this (horizon), or the head of virtual driver leans+tilts forward (the dashboard position changes) = the second should be configurable like Skytrill described. The movement of car body can't be eliminated of course, that's how it should act in simulation.

Thinking about it, as you are not sitting in motion platform, your real-body does not follow the car body movement, but your imaginary driver-body does, so there's the discrepancy stemming from, but I can't quickly figure out how to "fix" this, as your body is sitting in chair stand-still, not moving ~300km/h, so you are already breaking the simulation... hmmm... not even sure what to make of this.

Do you race in real life? Probably that would make your mind expect the car-body movements better, and be more in sync with what you see in simulator, even if your body physically doesn't tilt in the chair (as when I'm playing computer sims on standing chair, my mind tricks itself into imagining all those movements I can feel in real racing).
#5 - Racon
Those movements are a large part of what makes LFS feel so immersive - If you can reduce the sickness without removing all the head movement, you'll be better off than if you remove it completely. Lots of VR players say there's a motion-sickness barrier you have to break through, and that it's just a matter of getting used to it.
Thanks guys, it is indeed a tricky thing to solve. It would have been easier with a moving platform!

Can't really afford that though, so I go with what I have.

But comparing it to RRRE; There you can limit the amount of in cockpit camera movement. If you eliminate it completely it looks very strange, like a floating star wars speeder or something, but the default values are way too much for VR, so the camera is shaking like crazy on a bumpy road with an old, swaying car.
So turning the movement down has a big impact on how much it messes with your balance.
I was hoping that it could be done in LFS too.

Still, going really fast and coming to a sudden stop still makes me a bit sick, so I just have to get good at driving and not hit any walls!
What do you use? Oculus, Vive or a "homemade" VR solution with smartphones?

Maybe your FOV is set too low ..... if so ... try ~75 degrees.
@alleycat have you found a setting for LTH?
as opposed to all the answers in this thread, which I am guessing come from none VR player, LTH is very important when driving in VR.
The issue is not to have no movement, the goal is to have car movement with the horizon not moving, like in real life.

VR lock camera to horizon
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