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[REQUEST] Autopilot
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[REQUEST] Autopilot
#2 - Racon
There's Jared, but he's still learning.
Quote from Racon :There's Jared, but he's still learning.

Unfortunately, Jared was put to deep sleep some time ago for pretty much forever Shrug
#4 - Racon
:'( It'd been a long time since an update, but I didn't know it was shelved. (Beautiful job Tim, it's been a pleasure watching.)
Yeah, he forgot to announce it in the thread (or maybe he didn't want to? (sorry then Tim)), but he told me that he needs to concentrate on projects that actually can generate him some income, so now he's working on some games and stuff. It's very sad as I absolutely loved his AI project, but I fully understand his decision.
BTW sometimes he streams his coding effort and some racing at Twitch, so if you want to get in touch:

[REQUEST] Autopilot
(5 posts, started )