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Can't Install LFs Part 2!
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Can't Install LFs Part 2!
SO, i can't install Lfs for some reason it shows me that he can't extract dome files from intallation. They are different every time.Also i tried installing it on different Hard drives, but unsuccesfully.
There's a link to problem:

Also, i found already this type of post, but it didn't help
#2 - Pasci
Create a checksum of your setup file. Try this tool from Microsoft itself.

fciv -add LFS_S3_6R_setup.exe

You should get this checksum: 3d685a49561fc783ed8358df67e6825a

You will find this hash on the download page of LFS, too ( If you get another hash, the file is incomplete/corrupt.
or simply you can just try the installer on admin rights
if that won't work try the above solution
I did the checksum, and i got the hash and it's like yours

#5 - lucaf
"error writing"... are you sure your hard disk is not damaged?
Yes, i had LFS already once there, like a month ago, but than i deleted, and now im trying to install it back

Also i tried to install it on 2 different HDD's i don't thnk they both are damaged, because i can install other games on both of them
#7 - Pasci
Perhaps your antivirus blocks something? But in this case - I hope - you should get an appropriate message.

Can't Install LFs Part 2!
(7 posts, started )