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Solved: Shadow of some cars missing
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#1 - lucaf
Solved: Shadow of some cars missing
As you see in the image, the shadow of several cars running in the back, is missing. Making the cars looking like floating:

This is KY2. Then I watched one Blackwood mpr start and looked like first 15 cars in the screen had shadow, the rest did not have. Bug or is it up to my graph settings?
That's nothing new. If I understand it correctly,it's a limitation of current shadowing system. Scawen said he plans to rework it at some point,but understandably it's not one of the priorities at current point.
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Quote from Scawen :
Full list of changes in Patch Z :

Graphics :

Increased maximum number of car shadows from 8 to 16
Antialiased virtual start lights and steering gauge
FIX : RB4 dashboard wrong in left hand drive mode

- LFS Devs

Why do people like to open so many threads in the bug section without doing a bit of research?

You are 9 years late, plus it was actually worse in previous versions.
#4 - lucaf
Okay thanks and very sorry for opening a crappy forum thread. Can be deleted.
It's a good thread, I noticed it before on some screenshot here but I didn't knew it was some limitation from 9 years ago. Good to know.

Needs to be fixed at some point because it looks... Lets say it nicely.. Fony.
Hovercars! The future is here!

Solved: Shadow of some cars missing
(6 posts, started )