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10 car setups for each car.
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10 car setups for each car.
Hi all
I will try to have a number of "preassigned" settings for each car.
As I understand, the setting in the default mode is a compromise between
soft (easy to drive,not so fast) and hard (difficult to drive, better

If I were to have for instance 10 different settings for each car I
would like to have a ...let´s call it "progressive" setup, in the sence
that for instance
number one would be the "easiest setting" and the 10 the most difficult

What I would like to know here is, in what way should this be set up,
what parameters are the most important in the "settings book"?
The easiest way would ofcourse be to trim down the power, but that is
not an option, it would be more like some "arcade" game settings for minors and children.
I would like to be more..."scientific" here an get a "system", a "rule" how to do this

Hope someone has figured this out, not just messed around with the settings on random bases.

Thats a very good idea.I use similar concept in mouse drifting(no racing experience).But there I base it on LSD settings, say a set for longer drift, set where I use more of the car weight rather than car power, set for different type of transition.For example with one set my car doesnt rotate (while in transition) from the center for but rather the front (tyres) around the axis, which actually is created because of the toe settings and camber making the car want to countersteer earlier (that one I sometimes use for chasing)..
I have most of my latest sets named, example: angle5969front = angle (name of the guy who gave me a good set a long time ago and i've been making variations of it) 59 69 is the cluch based LSD setting, front means i've removed any negative front camber so I can stay in my line easier without the need to countersteer early or lessen the gas input. etc.
To make a setup easier to drive it is sometimes just small changes. Bit more camber or brake-bias more forward generally makes the car more stable. But that is a matter of compromises and taste too.

In slick cars a bit factor is tire heat and wear. Sometimes slower driver find quick setups difficult to drive because they never go fast enough to get the tires on temperature. Or other way around, they slide so much that it ruins and overheats the tires.
Ok, thanks, I guess theres no easy way to do this, it's the downside of having a real simulator software, you can do everything just as it would be a real car, that means you would have to be a real racedriver with years of experiance to be able to set up a car in the way I described, and still it would be a individual setup that wouldnt suit everbody anyway.

10 car setups for each car.
(4 posts, started )