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[HELP] SOS System
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[HELP] SOS System (burogok) DELETED by burogok : Türkleri Küçük Düşürmek
(burogok) DELETED by burogok : njjj
Dear unofficial player,

We wont help you, because looks like you are a unofficial player. Looking at your status, you have no driven distance, no laps, and you registered your account today.

Please consider buying a licence. I will be glad to provide the link of my store:

I'm an official reseller and can provide you a brand new S2/S3 for a cheap price.

We, LFS official community, will be happy to assist you when you get a real demo account or a license.

It's rather weird to put a request on a forum and then say 'no one' after 7 minutes of creating the thread.
It's not like the world is waiting for someone to ask a question and then jump into action immediately.
Having said that, I don't mind someone being a demo player and/or just have made an account on this forum, but I do mind people showing the efforts they put in themselfs.
Show the code you wrote, show any errors from the log file (if there is any of course) and even while English isn't your first language, try to state your question as clear as possible.
All this will help others to get the correct view of what you want and what you already did to accomplish what you want.
Quote from Bass-Driver :
Well ,
As first: according to your avatar, you belong to one of the cracked turkish Community (Osmanligarage or Drift Hane) This is reported to the devs weeks ago. But these community's are still active in demo(Where they advertise to theire cracked servers) Good job devs.
Second: You lied about some code that wanst yours
Third: Begging doesnt help.

So that means you do not get any help from me.

If other players want to help you , that is theire choice.

Another tip: support this game and get proper help.

It doesn't matter. People who supposed to help LFS community still helping these people, say that "I need to help anyone. I'm not here to judge". And people who supposed to care about their own community doesn't give shit about it.

I hope anyone request a master server code, because if they request, I will provide because I'm here to help, not to judge Thumbs up. And I'm not joking.

PS: I will post again and again and again on every topic related to this subject Wink

PS 2: Funny as the "super-duper-helper-of-the-players" mentioned as who help those "brand-new-account-but-cannot-be-judged" is the person responsible to delete all complain posts, and also to take care of own reports...

PS 3: My PM is now enabled, if anyone needs help with a emulated master server.
Are you bored ??

Is it really nesserary to post in every topic, that might be related to "unofficial players"

Please stop paying attention to this. This might work against you in the futute.

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[HELP] SOS System
(4 posts, closed, started )