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LFS exits to desktop during gameplay
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LFS exits to desktop during gameplay
Hello,,,help requested.

At random and during gameplay my screen exits the LFS game window straight to desktop.

This is annoying as it causes unavoidable crashes, due to me being unable to see. I can get back in by clicking the LFS icon (running program...not restarting program), but usually by the time I get the view back I have come a cropper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My OS is Windows 7and other info is on my profile.


Edit: Apologies....I may have found the answer in another similar question thread which didn't come up on my first search regarding the Windows Action Centre etc.

2nd Edit: Ref above suggested settings adjustment from another post........I tried it but on the odd occasion (not as often as previously) my screen still is exiting to desktop mid game.

Any further suggestions for possible causes and fixes would be most welcome.


LFS exits to desktop during gameplay
(1 post, started )