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Night Sky Textures For Blackwood
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Night Sky Textures For Blackwood
Hello. This is early test version. No pictures at this moment.

Download v1

Update Smile

Clear Day

Cloudy Afternoon

Cloudy Sunset

Download - v2 (4096x4096)
They look fab. Do I also need a lighting mod installed along these (if so, can you recommend any)? I don't want a track to be as bright as during the day.
tested in oculus VR and they are looking good. nice work

Thanks Smile


Glad you like it. If i will find some more night skies i will post it here. Thank you for kind words Smile Good luck with your project.
how do i add it in the game?
is this even legal in lfs? and how do i download it if it is.
problem (or not) is that you will be the only person to see it in local or multiplayer...
How to add this textures plzzz help😭😭😭😢
Just replace the original files with these..

Night Sky Textures For Blackwood
(9 posts, started )