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Would be nice to see a diesel car in the game, I have only seen a diesel car race once and that is the "BLACK SMOKE RACING TEAM" (everyone who is into drifting know all about them). Anyway it would be fun to use for all race types but with other benefits..

like use less gas and have slightly more power, but you cant drive it like shit because it will break down more easy..

just a suggestion but I would like to see it..

diesel truck maybe?
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I think they have a name for it: Anti-consumer

Greedy devs = no buy from me Smile
They seem to be perfectly happy with it, including the userbase.

Its that I do not like that everything is being managed externally with having limited to no self control otherwise I also would have joined despite the costs.
Quote from Huskii :Still never understood why IRacing is a monthly subscription.

Because their devs want to get rich.
You see, iRacing is monthly/yearly pay because they are willing to pay for something that has online activity. And the online activity is skill based unlike Assetto Corsa etc. Wink....
Oh assetto is also skill based

to avoid crashers u need minoratng servers

turn MR on and u see MR servers

AB very skilled C okay
Minorating is a bit silly, it is very hard to get out of the lower rating servers because people are crashing into others instead of racing. You need to get quite lucky to get into A and B, but crashers can also be lucky and get into A and B and ruin your rank, which is what happened to me. Minorating also isn't official.
AB is easy but to get away from C is hard Wink hehe

basicly u need to race with friends first

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