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Hello everyone, a friend and I have created 1 rally server. Anyone who understands admin commands, could you please tell me, how do I move the site splits? for example. The split jumps in the middle of the straight line, how could you move it at the end of the straight ?. Thanks greetings
Custom splits are part of layout making. Not available for demo. You need at least S1 licence to access it,but then also the server must be at least in S1 mode,where no demo users can join.
my friend have account S1 Big grin
#4 - lucaf
So your friend can come here to ask it
Before talking to talk, I recommend 1 inform you. Thank you. Your account is zevvvs you can corroborate it yourself. I just wanted to know. Because it makes me illusion to put the splits in other places.
That's cute. Still - is your friend handicaped in some way that he can't ask himself? And if the server is set to demo,you can't use layouts anyway,so if he finds the solution,you can't join him. Shrug
No, if he told me with the test card, you could not do that to change the parameters, but it was my wish to put them more or less as MRC or AA: D. I thought it could be changed. That's why I came to ask you here. Thank you.
#9 - lucaf
I guess it is the "NEW"RallyCross server. Looks like it is in demo mode, that means, the layout cannot be edited.

If your friend (zevvvs ...btw I think I know him and yes he has license, he has visited also my serv) modifies the layout, he needs first to switch the server in S1 mode.
Ok thanks, was right the, esque touch some parameters and I appeared the splits of the demo. And gave me the impression that I could modify them to another site. All cleared thank you very much my friend! Big grin

If you want to come to the server and start a career, everyone is welcome Smile

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