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Live for Speed Discord Server
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Live for Speed Discord Server

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Hello there,

I've set up a new Discord server for the Live for Speed community after the previous server hit trouble with the owner losing access to it. You can connect to it with this invitation.

Discord is a free text and voice chat application designed for gaming communities. I believe that LFS currently lacks a centre for community interaction that was previously filled by the LFS GameSurge IRC server which is now only used by those who have lurked there since the dawn of time. I hope that this server will act as some centre, other than the forum, for people to chat with others about LFS.

I hope to build it to the stage where we can set up channels for upcoming events and leagues in any driving sector (racing, drifting, cruising etc.). Currently we have channels set up for very general topics but, although we don't want to overload it, suggestions are welcome for new ones.

At the moment there are 3 server admins (TFalke55, MandulAA and myself), but I hope to recruit some moderators soon to help keep it a safe and open space for everyone to chat.

Thanks and happy chatting!

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For specific servers, yes, but not for specific channels within servers I don't think. You can change your nickname per server using the nickname command:

/nick your_nickname_here

Note that this command doesn't work on servers where the changing of nicknames is not permitted.
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Quote from Satsuma :i have been banned for no reason ugggggggg can i be unbannedfrom the discord server

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Cybermob Drifting & Racing

Hello! My team is Cybermob and we host a public discord server where we announce weekly competitions! During the down time we play LFS nearly every day, whether it be drifting, stunt races and now recently we've been making gymkhana layouts. Click the image below to join!
The GUM Garage !
The GUM Garage !
french & english spoken

also a site/forum with our calendar for events (sprint race sessions, Nascar, enduro, etc ..) :

Join us ! subscribe to our races or join the Team for Fair & Fun races !

our server : GUM GARAGE#01

events examples :



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Live for Speed Discord Server
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