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Dedicated Server via DCON_6H_3 , Airio
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Quote from ned1900 :thanks MR.Ped7g
should I have internet connection or I can run it via local network without internet ?
Thanks Again ,,,

You need internet connection to unlock your bought licenses of course.

After you did unlock your S1/S2/S3 account, you can set up LAN-only games I believe (without Internet), but I never did nor am I willing to verify it for you. Maybe there's need for connection somewhere hidden.

There's some manual here (maybe not outdated too much):

You can try to set up demo version first to see if it works for you, and buy licenses later. Also I don't know how many licenses you need for LAN, whether per-seat, or some seats can use the same license, but if you plan to use it regularly, you should buy license per seat (for kids too).

As others mentioned, stop the VOB/crack nonsense, it hurts developers, and this game is great as is (without stupid cars from reality, and even in demo-only mode). Also it depends whether you want to race and try to learn to drive (then original LFS + demo works quite some length), or you want just to drift/cruise, then you are already foolish enough in my eyes.
Quote from MicroSpecV :He has LFS 2016 0.6H, is running crack host (which explains all the errors, difficulties, incompatability) and he's running VOB and modified vehicles which LFS does not allow.

Point..? Shrug

Exactly, he's running an old version and Ped7g gave him links to the latest version LFS and dedi.

Quote from ned1900 :I just want to make it inside my house for my Kids

with his post from 13 Feb:

Quote from ned1900 :The clients asked for that .. and I can't refused their request

Deduction: He is an outright liar.

Dedicated Server via DCON_6H_3 , Airio
(29 posts, started )