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Pulling out Airio data from server running on
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#1 - lucaf
Pulling out Airio data from server running on
So the question is in the title. How to do it? Tell me. I have rented host there, and rented free wordpress web site where I want to display real time Airio data. I have SQL and scripting skills.

The host supports only Airio Free
This is not possible
I'm satisfied once again.
What data do you want to display? Maybe there is another way?
The way to do it would be to sidestep Airio and run Nodejs to connect to the same UDP stream using something like dgram, which you can do from your own web-server.

You can can then pull the applicable data from the UDP packets and use a React server front-end framework to display a user interface and the data, or you can run an express server and using vue.js or Angular to render the live data for the front-end.

All of these things are npm packages...

Note: This has all been relayed from my workmate, who knows way more about this stuff than me, so while I can't give you more detail than this, it does sound like what you want to do is totally plausible
What a highly complicated method, just run Airio or any InSim from a remote location to a LFS host.

Downside is that you need minimal a VPS and if you have a VPS then you can run LFS yourself anyway Tongue 3,70 Euro/month
He is running it from a free wordpress site, so the complex route might be the only way to go at this point...

Pulling out Airio data from server running on
(7 posts, started )