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season 23 / S3L #2
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season 23 / S3L #2
Today evening first race of new season: Raceabout at Aston.
Note: Due to european soccer championship today's race starts 30min later, at 20:00 CET.
(That is circa 3h from this post.)
Following races will start at the usual time of 19:00 CET.

For full schedule, race setup, side cup races, results of last championship etc see:
Impressions from last two S3L races, videos by Mondbrot:

Today at 19:30 CET usual time: FZ5 at Kyoto National reversed
Today evening: in 4 hours from this post begins qualifying for above off-season race.
(19:30 cet)
After summerbreak, today racing continues with Lx4 roadster at South City Sprint.
(Second raceday of the "Small Track Cup")

Car: LX4
Restrictions: none
Track: South City Sprint 1
Laps: 3 x 16
Server / password: log into website

Single lap qualification
Race 2 & 3 grids will be based on previous race result
This sunday evening a classic combination: Blackwood GP with the Formel BMW.
(in reversed direction)
Das Auto Nod
after some orginisational failures with track change etc, today another 'Small Tracks Cup' race on MID server with UFR-junior (15% air restriction) at Aston Cadet.
3x 14 laps
Setups available on server, start in ~15min from this post
video by racer PromiLe of the last event:

Next race today, starting in one hour from this post, is MRT at Rockingham National (Ro2)
Today as part of the Small-Track-Cup:
Raceabout at Rockingham Handling ( RO6 )
3 x 19 Laps

Start at 19:30 CET
(~70min from this post)
Shame about the timing, i would have loved to race here!
real F1 is boring Wink
Season of main league already finished but still one race left in the Cup:
3 x 24 laps with the Formular XR. At Fernbay Club.

season 23 / S3L #2
(17 posts, started )