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PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.5.1 Discussion
You can download PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.5.1 from that link. Please use this thread to talk about this release.

Thank you.

  • Version changed to
  • Added new insim updates included in 0.6N
    • Added ISS_DIALOG and ISS_TEXT_ENTRY to the ISS state flags
    • New packet SMALL_LCS - set local car switches (lights, horn, siren)
This weekend I'm going to try and work on this stuff:
Quote from :Well... Very cool updates.. But...

Concerning language translations it's not very efficient to do this, every time some file must be read to retrieve a translation and the amount of read actions can increase massively with the amount of languages multiplied by lines of translation text multiplied by amount of connections.

So, it's better to read everything at init and store it in a memory array and access the memory array every time.

Talking about efficiency, sending buttons @255 never worked at buttonmanager. It starts to bug me a lot, hopefully it bugs me one day enough that I find a proper fix for this. It's already there for years. Sadly.
Quote from :Smile

I tried to address the 255 myself but haven't found a 100% fix yet it seems. It was/is more complicated then I thought although I think I am on the correct path. But if you find a solution quicker it's always great of course. Tilt

I have a method in mind. I will try and implement it tomorrow.

Edit: and by tomorrow I mean I just implemented a solution that is ready to be tested.

if you wish to try the changes:
I haven't done any testing yet, but theoretically it should do what we want it to.
Love what you're doing with the tagging of release on GitHub. Awesome job, very clean!
Quote from :
Right well hmm.. All of a sudden it's busy. (lets see for how long)

I get several errors though, one of them @line48 parent::send($hostId); ... HostId not defined, that one I can understand... But I even get pack errors @prism_packets. No idea yet why this happens.

Hmm Interesting. I'll fix the line 48.. I'll look closer at the pack errors.
My original idea was a no go as you pointed out to me(Defeats the purpose of sending to UCID of 255). the best solution that I was able to come up with was reserve a set of IDs for global buttons. that way there will never be a chance of ClickIDs overlapping and interfering with eachother.

Code can be viewed here:

I still need to complete the translation system caching and then I feel like it would be a good time to release 0.5.2. I hope to have the updates done and released by this evening.