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LFS 0.6N support
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#1 - PoVo
LFS 0.6N support
Wanna make up release for that? 0.5.1?
#3 - PoVo
Quote from Dygear :Wanna make up release for that? 0.5.1?

I didn't do a release as I wasn't sure of the procedure for doing these releases Tongue
This is what I sent to T3 the first time he did it. As you have merge access, you all you would need to do is download the zip file from the github.


Quote from T3charmy :What exactly needs to be done for next release? I know the Version Number needs to be updated(Need to add Jay and I to the authors, what else?

I update the version number and add Jay, submit the pull request to me. Once you've done that, I'll merge it. Once I've merged it, download the ZIP file from github for the master branch. This will give you a clean install of PRISM that you can release.

Quote from T3charmy :I'm not exactly what all was changed between 0.4.4 and 0.4.5, but I guess I could look into that.

I look at the commit history between 0.4.4's release and the release that I'm putting out. From there I just use the commit information that I find interesting, or important. Like adding the name for a timer is a BC break, and must be mentioned in the change log.

Quote from T3charmy :Do you want me to create the forum for it? not sure what exactly you wanted me to do.

You have to do two things at once. This is the process that I go through. Reply to PHPInSimMod - PRISM Releases. In the reply to that thread title the reply "PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.5". Then you have to include the change log from version 0.4.4 to 0.4.5. Attach the ZIP file to this thread, that contains clean installation of PRISM 0.4.5. That means no config files, except for the examples. Don't hit the reply button yet.

Then once you've done that, open a new tab in your browser and make a new thread in PHPInSimMod - PRISM Sub-Forum. In this your going to write

Quote from Post Template :You can download PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.4.5 from that link. Please use this thread to talk about this release.

Thank you.

And then attach the change log list that you put into the other thread. Once you've done this, go back to the Releases reply and hit submit and copy the URL and make the "PHPInSimMod - PRISM 0.4.5" text a link to that thread. Hit submit.

Sticky 0.4.5's thread, and un-sticky 0.4.4's thread.
Seeing as this hasn't been done yet. Would you like me to go ahead and release this?
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Quote from T3charmy :Seeing as this hasn't been done yet. Would you like me to go ahead and release this?

Go ahead! I've been busy with work this week and haven't got a chance to dive into personal projects Tongue
Should I do or should I increase to 0.5.1? Wasn't sure since it's not a major update, but it's also not a hotfix. I think we should start another thread to discuss the version numbering schema, and what we want to do future releases as.

Quote from Wikipedia :the major number is increased when there are significant jumps in functionality such as changing the framework which could cause incompatibility with interfacing systems.

the minor number is incremented when only minor features or significant fixes have been added

and the revision number is incremented when minor bugs are fixed

But I suppose we need to discuss where we want to go from here on forward.

Edit: I know on my personal projects I usually do such as but I don't think that would be the optimal version number schema for PRISM.
Adds a feature, 0.5.1.
Alright. I'll get that released tonight after I grab some dinner.

LFS 0.6N support
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