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Logitech g920 problem
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Yes!I have a similar issue. PC2 instantly perceived the G920 haggle most recent Logitech drivers gaming programming has a profile for PC2 yet without much of any result. The wheel has it's very own brain, it yanks left and right savagely and arbitrarily. I can increase sporadic control in the event that I modify the haggle it 'topsy turvy' however then the oar shifters are reversed...what a wreck! I called Logitech bolster and raised an inconvenience ticket and sitting tight for a reaction from a nerd...
Quote from MadCatX :Sorry, but you are completely wrong (I'm tempted to say "as usual"). G920 speaks both proprietary XBox protocol and Logitech HID++ protocol. The latter is implemented in drivers for PC. On Windows all you need is a recent driver.

If your G920 is not even recognized as an input device, open Device Manager (WinKey + R, type "devmgmt.msc"), find the G920 in the list, double click it and and open the "Details" tab. On the tab select "Hardware Ids" from the dropdown menu and check the output. There should be a line that says "USB\VID_046D&PID_C262". It can't check at the moment so the actual output might be a bit different, however, the IDs "046D" and "C262" are important. 046D is Logitech vendor ID, C262 is the ID of G920 when it's switched to the PC mode. If you see C261 instead, the wheel is still in the Xbox mode. If this happens, make sure that you have the driver installed correctly and maybe try to plug the wheel in a different USB port.

Greetings. My G920 was working splendidly with my XboxOne. The other night I tried to run it on my laptop to no avial. Downloaded all sorts drivers, Logitech G Hub...Nothing got the wheel recognized. Opting to hook it back up to my Xbone, was crushed to see it not being recognized. I've tried the three button hold, hard shut offs, different USB ports, sync button on the system; nothing has worked.

I have a ticket out to Microsoft as well as Logitech. One response that didn't work. I've been scouring the internet and forums for 2 days before stumbling upon this post. I followed your path and see exactly what you're saying. However, I don't see a "C261" in any of the lists (in the two HID compliant vendor listings nor the two Logitech G920 listings). How do I switch it back to Xbox/C261?!

I would be content with leaving the G920 on the Xbone and using my Thrustmaster TMX Pro and an old Microsoft Sidewinder for my PC running. I'm desperate to get my G920 back working on my XboxOne.

Thanks in advance for your time, wisdom and effort.
As far as I remember the G920 cannot be switched to XBox mode, nor does it need to be. When the G920 powers up, it sets itself to the XBox mode by default. If it's connected to a PC, the driver then picks up the device's ID and switches it to PC mode with a magic packet.

From your post it is not entirely clear what is happening. XBox is not really good for diagnosing this though. Does the G920 show up at all if you plug it into a PC? If it's not even listed in the Device manager, you may be looking at a faulty HW. You shouldn’t be looking for the G920 in the default mode amongst HID devices because the XBox mode doesn't work as a HID device.
Thanks MadCatx.

The G920 shows up in devices on PC. However, no input response in Windows or in game.

Updated drivers and interface from Logitech to no avail. Was working perfectly fine on Xbox. Then hooked it to PC to try on there. Never worked (except partially with GTR 2 Anniversary Edition). Moved back to Xbox, never recognized. Would very rarely go through calibration, but no response from buttons. Tried all sorts of tricks and suggestions from the internet.

It's been set aside temporarily unable to use.

Thanks again. Eager to get my 920 back in service
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Quote from Racer X NZ :Thank you, that solution does explain some of the issues I have heard about with the 920.

so im cruising google looking for anything to help me with my problem with my fkin infuriating POS G920 and i see this discussion and fo the 1st bit im thinking " oh this might b of use" until i see your 1st dumb as sht reply. ima be blunt here u absolute idiotic fkhead. the G920 was DESIGNED for Xbox AND pc with most of it being focused on PC u stupid piece of Kiwi trash. incase your wondering fkin bite me if i offend ur sissy ass coz im completely fed up with ghub not fkin workin at times and so on. not to mention you the qoute above was directed at the other guy not your arrogant self. fkin lose the ego and actually understand EVERYONE makes mistakes u fkin pleb. it takes a man to swallow his pride and dignity and admit he was wrong instead of behaving like a fkin 12 yr old like urself. i rarely post comments/reply like this but u my retarded ass idiot took the fkin cake. read ur replies, read not skim and then u might, keyword MIGHT realize how stupid u look throughout this whole thread.

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Edit: I actually bothered to re-read this 4+ year old thread, which on reading is really funny.

1: I point out that the 920 has issues on the PC
2: I get called an idiot.
3: People highlight on going (2020 even) issues with the 920 with PC's and suggest possible fixes.
4: A bogan claims that I'm an idiot for pointing out issues with the 920 then complains about issues with their 'POS 920'.......

Please don't delete their above post, it just adds to the joy of 2020. Omg omg omg

It's a traditional, standard Kiwi/Aussi polite sharing of opinions, you should hear us when we really start on each other. Rofl

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Entertaining thread indeed, hahaSmile

Logitech g920 problem
(33 posts, started )