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Hey guys.

Its been a long time since i played LFS, but i keep coming to the forum everyday to check out whats been going on.

Im at the moment getting a degree in mechanical 2D and 3D design ( Solidworks, Inventor, Autocad, etc ) but the reason i am doing it, its because of LFS.
Lately i do go on bickering a bit about S3 and how i gave up on LFS, but the fact remains, LFS inadvertedly has put me on a solid path to a career.

I never though about design stuff until i started playing LFS. I started it because i wanted to make my own skins, so i learned some photoshop through youtube tutorials. After about a year or two, when i was already confident in photoshop, i turned my atention to the renders some of the guys here where posting. Some of them just looked really awsome, so i though about giving it a go too. So i started to learn to fiddle with blender and those premade 3d lfs models. But then i wanted to make those models rounder, with more value to the eye, so i turned to 3DSmax and the render engine Brasil. After that, V-Ray.

The years went by and, without noticing, i was already becoming a bit handy with those softwares, being able to change lfs cars at my will, making them more photo realistic. After that, i started making my own models, objects, buildings ( houses, garages, stores, etc ), and more recently, boats and cars.

In the last 5 or 6 years i made a few freelance design jobs, almost all of them 2D, only one in 3D. I've gain alot of prespective about the world of designing and how harsh it could be, but since i really love it, about a year and a half ago i decided this is what i wanted to do for my life. So now, thanks to LFS, im closer to concluding my studies in mechanical design, and for the first time in my life, having a real prespective on my future.

So with this all said ( and if you read it all, im sorry about that ) i have a couple of renders of my latest original creation, and i would really like to hear your opinion on it. Its been a long way here, so i feel quite proud of it! Even if its not even close to perfect, its my own creation!

Thx for reading. And thank you LFS, with all your virtues, flaws, and stubborn devs that never released S3, still, the impact you made on my life was way more then entertainement.
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Great to know that you are approaching designing with passion. Keep on going, your work is awesome. Smile
I am indeed Mouseman, thank you for your words m8. Smile
I can sort of relate to that. LFS was and still is a fantastic starting point for artists and designers to develop their skills.

I already knew what you were capable of from looking at the Genuine Racing skins...they made every car look like a million bucks, so it's great to see you aiming for bigger and better things.

Keep us updated with your current work, because these first impressions look very promising!
The renders look amazing and its evident that a lot of work went it so well done. Best of luck with the studies
Thanks for your words Senninha and Bishtop. I am giving my best to finish the studies and follow this career, so your coments mean alot to me.
Hey Joao! Long time mate. Beautiful work there. I understood that you have talent when you made the curent GenR skins, they are still awesome. Keep on following your dream! Laurynas.
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JBiturbo's Showroom
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