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Traditional late thread about new season (22)
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Traditional late thread about new season (22)

Season 22 of has begun some weeks ago, with a mixed schedule as usual.
After the first races in the S2 League were driven with FWD cars, the third raceday saw some Rallye Cross Action in the Cup with its seperate points table.
The fourth race starts in ~3 hours and for the first time the Fo8 will be used in the S2 League.
It is still possible to join, however this is a tricky car so be careful.

This could also be the first season where they might be race statistics for every race? Tilt
Thanks to the mpRes script of avatere and for providing the webspace!

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It was somehow forgotten in LFS-calender, but todays race continues the rallye cup with UF1 at Fernbay Rallye Green.
If you want to spontaneously join please remember that on this tiny track it is easy to flip yourself or others.
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today South City (so6) with Formel BMW
today bopping up&down in driver seat of UF1 for that extra 2 km/h down the straights.
today evening race 10, the grande saison finale at Westhill
(fzr @ we2r)
Servers use LFS version 0.6M (latest version released yesterday) so you need to update.
....and the S2L winners have been decided. Gratulation all racers.

The Rallye Cup has finished too but final standings are still to be calculated.

Up Next:
Before new season begins, next sunday there will be a small event to explore new Rockingham track.
Two short races with FBM and XFG, circa 30 minutes in length.
This does not count towards any championship so it could be good option for new drivers wanting to start in organized races.

thread about this:
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Traditional late thread about new season (22)
(6 posts, started )