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has anyone still the complete pack from teaminferno
i had to wipe my pc recently, so i lost all the setups
now i realise that the website went down a while ago

so has someone still got the complete .rar file with all the setups inside it (all cars etc) from ?

thank you Smile

PS: setupgrid sucks
I think I do, but I'm not sure it contains the latest setups nor the other LFS versions setups. I'm gonna check for it when I get home.
Really not sure how complete or up to date it is, but here`s what I have from setupfield.

If it isn`t everything, then it`s got to be better than nothing right now Wink
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I couldn't find my setupfield pack but I searched on the web and found this setup pack in this lithuanian site ... setup-pack-jums-mielieji/, I looked inside the .rar file and I found there was setups for all cars, it contains 4500+ setups. I think it contains all setupfield setups because I saw some setups in the archive I remember downloading from setupfield. The forum post in the link is from December 2014, so it's still recent.
I'd like to attach the file here in case the download link dies but I have no clue how.
Nice find.
(Use the "Preview in Full Editor" button, thenthere is attachment menu.)
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#6 - cuni
Still relevant !
Quote from cuni :Still relevant !

see my post from 2015 above yours. It is the pack with thousands of setups that drugsexcaramelo shared.
Also see "new" setup site on
Likely most relevant sets are either there or in the zip.