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I would be down, but has to be NDR organized imo
Quote from Timo1992 :I surely don't have the 'Know-How' and possibility to organize such a league like this, as well as I don't have the expierence in it.

It was also just a suggestion, so if you or the rest of NDR won't do it, it's ok then. No worries. Wink

I'm not NDR nor do I speak for NDR. Wink But not having the 'know-how' or 'experience' are no excuses :P There is always a point where someone without experience starts doing something and gains it while doing it. Wink
As is known now, NDR are not organzing leagues at full force, just standard one-offs and other events as needed while the LFS community limps along.

GTWS will always be one that is a high candidate for revival at any time, though.
You do Super GT on open configs (now with better FPS) and I'm in.
lfs is dead anyways, would not be fun
How about Westhill Endurance Series. Big grin Sort of like real life ring's VLN.
Quote from DarknessPainF1 :lfs is dead anyways, would not be fun

Maybe for you, but for many other people (me included) it still offers the best multiplayer sim racing Wink
Not with soap tires.. :/
The big problem is getting and keeping participation levels at a reasonable level. There ARE enough people still racing to provide a full grid, but right now it seems as if everyone is hyper-focused on one, maybe two cars/formats, and while they may try a series when it starts, they'll abandon it, and it will cascade into others abandoning the season as the numbers dwindle.

I'm not sure how the new Westhill has affected the community as yet, only time will tell. It feels to me, however, that the newness has worn off and people are just going to the new track when they have the time spare, instead of making the time. Of course it's nearing end of terms for schools, work is still in swing, and activity may spike up in the summer.

I look foward to some more progress on the Developer's side, I get the feeling that they are invigorated after getting a major project finally finished, so I hope that it's the kick and refresh they need to go back to full steam. I would reckon the new tyre physics and whatever else might come at that time would be a good boost possiblity to LFS.

Sadly, those who were here in the past have gotten older: More responsibilities, more activities, more choices. That old core is possibly gone forever, as cycles would allow and require. I think there will need to be a "reset" back to simpler, shorter league races to bring the new racers in. Not necessarily back to the LFSBC series, but MiniFBM/LX Challenge/TBO Challenge are all simple, easy events that can be knocked out in around 90 minutes or less, start to finsh, which is a simple time commitment that might be easier than the 2+ hours you have to spare to do LFSCART or GTWS or the other major series. Those series are also more tuned to the fun and pure racing aspect and need less direct admin involvement to run, and give people a great way to spend an hour and change without too much stress or significant thought to race well.

Nothing more to add, true that. But you said the GT WS of last year might come back in some time? So there is still hope for me to get an endurance league back in LFS. Smile

Meanwhile we could have a league with GT2 cars and 1 hour races maybe. I think the participation might be quite decent because people where now having a long break since the last official GT race in LFS (wasn't it the last GT WS race as well?).
needs more iTCC
Westhill endurance one off would be fun.

Or an endurance series of a few one off-ish events...

24 hours of Westhill
12 hours of Kyoto
minus the typical:
6 hours of South City
6 hours of Aston
6 hours of Fernbay

Spread them out quite a bit maybe, or even have less events than that... maybe just go for a 24hour event, or a few semi endurance events.