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after unlock i get black screen.
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after unlock i get black screen.
the issue is that after submitting user and pssword in order to unlock game i get Black window with a small square at the top left corner
the Demo uploads successfully. both version 6F and 6G. it's only after i try to unlock the game will behave as written above. it than gives black window each try i try to run it.
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#2 - kdo
Did you try to run it as administrator ?
yes, i did run it as administrator.
the demo runs ok. trying to unlock brings a black screen as seen in previous post attachment. and from this point onward only black screen whenever i try to run LFS. i use task manager to kill it.
can someone help with black screen unresponsive after unlock ?
I get black screen after unlock... the demp previous to unlock worked fine. after unlock the sim will also npt resopnd
Try fullscreen

after unlock i get black screen.
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