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What CPU to get?
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What CPU to get?
First of all, no im not talking about a new PC
Ive got an old PC which currently has this setup:

CPU: Intel Q8200 @ 2,33 GHZ
GPU: Nvidia 465 GTX

Im fine with everything (kind of) except for the CPU which really is a bottleneck.
So obviously i do have the common problem, lack of money.
I do have a new planned PC, i just cant get it yet, need quite some more time.

Meanwhile i wanna go and replace this POS CPU () with something quicker.
I looked around and im not too sure...the Dual Core CPU's are ok-ish too as it looks.
Since i dont want to spend hundreds of Euros, getting a CPU for an out of date socket.

Are the Dual Cores an Option?
Or should i not bother with them...if so, what Quad can you suggest?
Only CPU's under 100€ please
Also thought about OC'ing with a proper Cooler and Fan i guess even on this thing 3 GHZ should work well...
But first i wanted to check out my other Options before i accidently send this thing to Hell

If you made it this far down, leave a Reply and let me know what you think.
I doubt you can get something better for just €100. I wouldn't know why you want a dual-core when you've got a quad-core right now.
There's really no need to upgrade your cpu, only a platform change would make sense.
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :
Im fine with everything (kind of) except for the CPU which really is a bottleneck.

bottleneck for what?
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I don't see whats wrong with a quad core CPU, or why you'd want to downgrade to a dual core - but there aren't really any CPU's that are significantly faster to warrant spending the money on.

The fastest 775 CPU was the QX9770 which is around 70% faster (in multithreaded benchmarks). The fastest dual core (E8600) is around 15% slower (but it was a multithreaded benchmark).

70% faster sounds good - but investing money in a dead socket and paying over the odds for an outdated socket is literally a complete waste of money. The next upgrade will always involve a new motherboard, and most likely new RAM as well. You might as well save your money.
This depends on what specific type of 775 board your running but best bang for minimal money, $25 NZ, is to make a minor mod on your board and fit a 771 Xeon quad core. If you choose the right one 12meg cache and easily over clocked to 3.2 plus on air.

Best, cheapest mod for a 775. Post if your interested and I'll link in full instructions.

Done this on my P5KR Asus and it's much faster than the old Q6600.
Quote from :
Quote from [RCG]Boosted :
Im fine with everything (kind of) except for the CPU which really is a bottleneck.

bottleneck for what?

(almost) everything is down to the cpu as of now, sometimes the ram is bit a low, but thats the exception.

Racer X NZ feel free to link me up, so i can have a closer look.
I'm running this on Win7 Pro with 8 gig of Ram,If your overclocking then you want DDR2 800 or 1066 as the Xeon's are locked. Sort of.....

This mod's been around a short while and is a great way to breath new life into a 775 board. It does only work with certain boards, higher end seem to be fine, Intel and others it doesn't work.

There's very little difference between 771 and 775 processors, so by trimming the mounting tabs on the board, applying a sticker to swap two pins on the processor, and perhaps modding the BIOS, easy on AMI, no idea about other BIOS's, bingo.

Once you know that it will work with your board, find a suitable Xeon, I got a E5430 for $15NZ and now I know it works I'm keeping my eyes open for a faster, equally cheap processor.

Anyway, for those interested here are the links.
Must read, start here !
Good info too.
How to mod the AMI BIOS, includes links to Award and Phoenix ( Never even bothered reading about these two though )
SLANU details for E5430, use this page for whatever processor you get.

You may not need to update the Bios for the processor, I did.

TL;DR. Awesome mod for 775 boards but you can break things if your not careful.

What CPU to get?
(8 posts, started )