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Server appears on lfsworld list but not ingame
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#1 - Myffe
Server appears on lfsworld list but not ingame
So for the last 2 years I have thought that FM Junkies is dead but today I found out it's still there, I just can't see it on the server list. On LFSWorld it shows normally but on ingame list not. I tried to join it from lfsworld but i just get the "making connection took too long" message. I don't even know if FM Junkies is the only server I can't see on the list. Any help?
If your IP (range) is banned/blocked it is also not working hm

I for example blocked some Elisa ranges because out if experience I know that this mobile internet provider provides such sloppy connections it's not workable anymore for racing. Then the server simply doesn't give answer to any requests on a LFS serverport.
#4 - Myffe
I doubt that it's ip blocked, and no, I don't have any filters on. Got "Clientconnect:failed" once after trying again but not sure what that means.
I doubt it too but its the only explanation other then it maybe is reverse blocked for some kind of reason. (Basically I'm saying that _you_ did it to yourself )

If other servers are working perfectly fine then it has something to do with this server, right?

What you also can do is try to contact "Failure"
#6 - Myffe
#8 - Myffe
Huh, their homepage doesn't work either wtf
what the hell
I just made an account on their forums on the idea that I would have made a topic there to point them here on your matter, but apparently I have to wait for a mod to approve my account. God knows how long that's gonna take.
I had the exact same problem, my IP was blocked for no apparent reason, but I contacted some FM team members and got it sorted out. That's why you can't access the server or the home page, the IP range or whatever is blocked.

Maybe you can find some active FM members in here that can contact Failure so your IP can be unblocked.

Server appears on lfsworld list but not ingame
(12 posts, started )